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G'day. Welcome to my personal collection database. This was built primarily for myself to keep a detailed record of what I have in my collection, as well as to help me ensure I don't buy the same thing twice (it has happened). However, if you've stumbled upon this page please feel free to take a look through.

I only list publications that are not comics here (unless for a specified reason). If you'd like to check out my comic collection, you can do so HERE.

  • Please note that this wiki is a work in progress, so it may not reflect my entire collection at any given moment.
  • Please note also that some items listed may use stock images, such as HERE. This is simply due to the fact that I don't an image/ quality image of the item, but rest assured it is in my collection. :p

Big Collections

While I collect a lot of things, these are what I consider my "main" collections, in that I'm constantly on the look out for items to add to them, be that older items I missed the first time around, or new items currently being released. As such, they are my biggest collections.

The Phantom
Sonic the Hedgehog
Mighty Max


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