Eder Naybree

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The link-in pagoda on Eder Naybree.

03/02/2022 -

I began my exploration of the newly released Ages with the garden Age of Eder Naybree. With the Linking Book for the Age stored in Chiso Preniv, I headed there via the Watcher’s Pub first, taking a moment to have a little bit of a wander around as it had been a while since my last visit.

The garden itself is set within a rocky gorge, similar to the other garden Ages. I was surprised to see all the statues lining the path from the link-in point to the garden proper. The only clue as to who these statues might depict are a series of cave paintings along the upper portions of the rock walls where a rough pathway has been carved out. This is accessed via a tight path toward the back part of the garden where tree branches have formed a natural ladder up to the higher portion of the wall.

The cave paintings appear to show a mother and child returning to the D'ni Cavern after the Fall, only to discover all the people there (and possibly a Bahro) dead. They somehow find the Linking book to Eder Naybree and travel there, apparently staying. Of course, that is all conjecture on my part based on what the paintings appear to show. The statues around the Age look like they could possibly be the mother, perhaps carved by the daughter after the mother’s death. There is no sign of the daughter now, however.

The only Explorer journal I found spoke only of the Age’s flora. (Interestingly, it seems a large tree-like organism is consuming the area, it’s foliage slowly covering everything.)

The single Explorer journal I found discusses the Age’s foliage and how a kind of “upside down tree” seems to be slowly consuming it. The tree’s canopy lives on the ground, with various large branches or trunks rising into the sky. These branches/ trunks then slit off and extend to other parts of the Age, expanding the foliage. Indeed, much of the Age has already been covered by the canopy, and one had to wonder how long it will be until the whole place is a sea of green.

A second, seemingly older, set of cave paintings can also be found. These are particularly interesting as they appear to show both D'ni and Bahro discovering and living in Eder Naybree. The images look as if the D'ni may have hunted the animals here, which the Bahro did not like. The images also show what looks like the Star Fissure and the Bahro trying to keep the D'ni out of Eder Naybree. Incredibly intriguing.

A beautiful and intriguing Age, I would love to uncover all the secrets behind it and learn more about who came here before. According to the Guild of Archivists, the Age was a retirement gift to one of the more prominent Guild members of D'ni. However, the information there does not give any clue as to what the statues could mean or who may have created the pictographs.

There are still *so* many secrets wrapped up in the history of D'ni, I doubt we will ever truly understand them all.


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