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18 May 2023

  • curprev 16:3016:30, 18 May 2023Walker talk contribs 1,703 bytes 0 No edit summary Tag: Visual edit: Switched
  • curprev 16:2816:28, 18 May 2023Walker talk contribs 1,703 bytes +1,703 Created page with "'''18/05/2023''' Hello fellow ''Phantom 2040'' fans. You may have noticed things have changed quite a bit here at the [https://jmdworks.org/2040/index.php/Main_Page '''Phantom 2040 Archive''' ]. Unfortunately, the service I had been using to host the '''Archive''', which was based upon [https://www.notion.so Notion ] was proving to be somewhat unreliable. Obviously I didn't want to lose all that work, but I felt it important for the interconnectedness and easy of use to..."