Chapter 5: Political Environment

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The gang at the Ruins has kidnapped one of the political leaders who were on their way to the summit meeting. It's up to you to rescue them!

You have to return to the Ruins and the Sewers beneath them and use the Totem Cairo gave you to reach the gang leader. Access the Lair Computer to access the Map and head to the Ruins.

Back to the Ruins

The Totem placed in the wall.
The door in the floor and the valve to lower the sludge.

There isn't anything different from when we were here previously, so head to the second part of the Ruins and use the same ladder as before to reach the Sewer. When you drop down you’ll see a depression in the wall in which to palace the Totem. Once done, jump toward the Security Shutter to your right and it'll open to reveal a Health Kit. Grab this and head through.

In this section you need to head right while avoiding the rising and lowering sludge levels, as well as regular enemies. The Armour can really help you out here as it will protect you from the sludge should you fall in.

Right from where you start is an Exploding Box with another Health Kit. Be sure to grab this. As you move along you'll notice the sludge lowers off the screen. This indicates that it will rise to a higher level in a moment. To avoid it grab onto the conveyor belt on the ceiling and press Up so The Phantom lifts his legs out of harms way. Be careful as some of the smaller spider bots will try to knock you off.

As you move along there will be some doors you need to open. Make sure you shoot these in advance so you can jump through without getting caught by the sludge.

Skull.pngThe sludge is just as deadly to enemies as it is to you, so if you want to save ammo let the sludge take them out.

Eventually you'll come to a raised platform on the right side of which is a door in the floor below (there's another to the right). You need to go through here, but first use the valve to lower the sludge further.

With the sludge lowered head through the left door in the floor and Rope to the conveyor belt on the left. Lower The Phantom as you move long and you'll see another valve. Touch it to again lower the sludge. Now head back the way you came and head through the right floor door (the one near the first valve).


As you head down there is a large Ammo Pack on the left. When you see the suspended platform jump onto it. Wait for the sludge to rise and lower (it can't get you here) and drop off to find Security Machine 2. Destroy it and head right. There is a Full Spirit Skull on the way.

Follow the wall up to find Security Machine 1 right next to Shutter 1. Smash the Machine, go through the opening and jump to the platform above. You're back to where you went down to find the second valve.

Rather than go down, smash the top left portion of wall. Head through and continue left. This is where Shutter 2 was. When you come to the slightly higher floor, jump and and keep moving to enter into a small chamber with a 1-Up and Full Ammo and Spirit Skull. Now, return to where the second valve was.

Continue left and to face off against the Gang Leader.

Mid-Boss: Gang Leader

Here, the sludge continues to rise and lower as you fight the Gang Leader. For his part, the Leader power slides across the floor at you. The easiest method here is to equip the Homing Missiles, Rope to the ceiling and dodge both the Leader and sludge as you blast away.

The Leader will occasionally throw Boomerangs at you, but they are easy to dodge if you stay suspended in the middle of the screen; just swing away from them. After not too long the Leader will be taken out and a cut scene will begin with one of the Summit Leaders thanking The Phantom for the rescue. By way of thanks he gives you the location of the political summit.

Decision #4

Back at the Lair you need to decide if you're going to tell Mr. Cairo the location of the summit or keep it to yourself (by selecting Guran). Tell Cairo the location and he switches off security around the Triads boss we'll have to fight later. Head to the Map and select the Wildlife Memorial, which is just left of the Maximum Building.

Wildlife Memorial

Be careful as there are Mercenaries patrolling the Memorial. If you've picked up all the Weapon Upgrades so far you should be able to one-shot them.

Head right and up the elevator shaft. Jump to the first floor on your left where a Security Shutter will automatically open for you. From this point on be on the lookout for small mines on the floors and ceilings which will explode after a few seconds if you touch them. When you reach another elevator, take it one floor up (there is a Full Spirit Skull across the shaft if you need it) and then up again with the next elevator on your left.

Ride this all the way up to find Security Machine 5, then return to the very first elevator. Ride this all the way up to reach the top of the stars on your right. You should be standing under a sign reading "Reptiles". This is where Shutter 5 was. Head down the stairs.

Here you can see the Spirit and Energy Extensions behind the walls.
Here you can see the section of broken floor just before the Extinct exhibit.

When you reach the elevator shaft, jump across to destroy Security Machine 3, then go down the shaft until you see an opening on the left (there is a damaged wall on the right that leads to a Large Ammo Pack). Go through, up the stairs here and smash through the crumbling walls for a Spirit and Energy Extension.


Return to the shaft and head to its bottom. Go left and destroy Security Machine 6. Continue left to find a broken wall and Security Machine 2. Destroy both, then head right as far as you can. Along the way, just before the "Extinct" exhibits, there is a section of floor that can be broken. Go down, break the wall to the right and destroy Security Machine 1. Head back out and up the rightmost wall.

A little way up will be a breakable wall on your left. Go through into a small room with a single Mercenary. The top left of the wall here can be broken for a 1-Up. Return to the shaft and head all the way up.

The ceiling here can be destroyed, so do so and go through. Head left and up the stairs. This is where Shutter 2 would have been. Collect the Full Ammo Pack and smash the next several walls for a Large Skull, Ammo Kit, Health Kit and a Weapons Cache containing an Inductance Rope Extension. Now, head back to the floor below.


Head left here and just past the lion and warthog exhibit you'll come to where Shutter 1 had been. Head through and keep going until you reach another elevator shaft. Jump up to the floor above you. You'll see some suspended birds to your left. You can jump on these. Make your way across them and you'll see an opening in the wall just below you to your left. In here you'll find a fifth Weapons Upgrade.

On exiting this room, jump onto the bird again, then to the poll it's suspended from and then to the next bird above. From here there is a section of ceiling that can be destroyed just to your right. Go through and up. To the very left of this room is a small drop with a 1-Up. Along the ceiling are two Large Ammo Packs. With these collected, head back out and drop down to where you originally jumped on the birds from. Head right.

You'll start seeing some green skinned enemies here. Not really sure what they are, but again you should be able to one-shot them. On reaching the far right wall head up and left. This is where Shutter 6 had been. Continue left and smash the dark grey door just past the octopus exhibit. Continue left and through another dark grey door then up and right.

Mid-Boss: Terrorist Leader

This fight is very similar to the Gang Leader, so gain equip your Homing Missiles. The Leader will slide at you and shoot Spread Bullets. Simply jump both and keep blasting him. It shouldn't take long.

With the Terrorist Leaders down, The Phantom warns the political leaders of the plan to blow up the museum. Now, it's off to destroy the Prometheus Battleship.

Ship Convoy

Like in Chapter Two, you need to make your way across the various ships here. Concentrate on not falling and ignore the various items unless you are sure you can get them. All kinds of BIOTs, including ones on hover bikes, will try to stop you, but keep pushing on. Remember to use your Inductance Rope to stun enemies if you are having trouble.

Skull.pngI always get a lot of slow down during this section. Don't worry about it too much, it's not a sign of anything wrong with your console/ computer. It's just the game pushes things a bit harder than the original hardware was meant for. This is seen on emulators because they replicate the original hardware rather than the games themselves..

Eventually, you'll reach the end and when you walk out the edge of the screen you'll emerge in the Prometheus's Cannon.

Prometheus Cannon

Here you can see The Phantom crouching in one of the depressions mentioned, as well as the Cannon’s energy beam as it powers up above him.

Walking around the inside of a cannon is something of a dangerous idea, as you'll see here. You need to reach the Cannon's firing mechanism and destroy it, but Maximum will try to fire it as you do so.

As you move along the Canon's interior you'll find small depressions in the floor which, when crouched in, provide cover from the Cannon's fire. You'll know the Cannon is about to fire when you hear a whirring noise and a thin yellow beam appears in the centre of the screen. After a few second this will expend, and you don't want to be there when it does, so find a depression quick!

It's best to ignore the enemies here and just keep moving, but if they bother you use the Armour.

When you reach the firing mechanism, you need to shoot it's centre. Either stand on the slightly higher portion of the floor and fire away (be ready to dodge the Cannon's blasts), or crouch just in front of the mechanism with your Homing Missiles and keep firing (some of the Missiles will be "distracted" by other enemies).

When it blows jump through the hole and head right.

Mid-Boss: Mars

Now you're inside the Battleship proper and it's time to face Mars. After a short cut scene the battle will begin.

Mars stands above you behind a security shutter. This only opens when you are at the very far left of the screen. Head to that side and suspend yourself from the ceiling. Equip the Breakers and fire away at Mars. It won't take him long to fall. Forget the other enemies.

After a brief cut scene you are free to explore the Battleship, but there isn't much here. Simply follow the path and you'll come to - quite literally - the heart of the ship.

Boss Fight: Graft

Graft at the heart of the Battleship

Graft has, well, grafted himself to the biomechanical heart of the ship. This fight isn't too different from the others, so don't worry. You just need to avoid that arm.

Suspend yourself from the ceiling, equip the Homing Missiles (or Breaker if having the missiles "distracted" by other enemies bothers you), and when the arm lowers blast away at the grey portion of the heart. Eventually it will blow off, revealing Graft.

Now drop to the floor. Under the heart’s arm, you'll see another little, pumping heart attached to the main one. This is what you need to shoot. It's easiest with the Missiles. When the arm is raised blast away at the smaller heart. When it's lowered and covering it, concentrate on the drones that swoop in as they can drop helpful items.

With the small heart gone Graft will fall out of the larger one. Walk over to him to end that chapter.

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