Chapter 3: Eco System Overload

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As the Chapter opens you're back in The Phantom's Lair, but Maximum forces have invaded the Ghost Jungle, cutting off the power. They're after a specific plant there which they plan to turn into a bio-weapon. It's time to show them who the lord of the Jungle truly is!

Ghost Jungle 1

A weapons cache.

As we explored the Ghost Jungle earlier you shouldn't have too much trouble here, although a few new secrets have been added since last time. We won't have to go up all the ladders though.

Star by heading left to the first section of the Ghost Jungle just like last time. Head for the gap with the thorns and rather than just jump over it, use the Inductance Rope to cling to the ceiling above to find a 1-Up. Grab this and go to the opposite side of the gap.

Head left and up again, like you did last time. When you reach the top, again jump to the rocky platform on the right. When you reach the end jump right and use the Inductance Rope to grab the wall. Head up until you see a longer girder jutting out from the wall you are on (there's a Full Spirit Skull above if you need it).

From that girder jump left and follow the other girders left until you see a broken wall. Head through the gap to find Security Machine 4. Smash it and drop of the edge of this platform and you'll land back on the rocky floor we jumped to the wall from.

Drop down to another second rocky platform below. From here, go left, smash through the wall and find a Health and Ammo Kit as well as a 1-Up a little further in.

Head back left and stand beneath the vine covered branch just before the wall you smashed. If you shoot the left most part of this branch it will blow. Jump up and smash the wall to the right to find a Weapons Cache. Break it to get the Panther "weapon," which summons a Black Panther (no, not that one,) to destroy all enemies on screen (not bosses, though).

Drop back down and head all the way right until you hit a wall. Jump up using the girders to a floor on the left with a Full Ammo Pack and an opening where Security Shutter 4 was. There is another Weapons Cache here, this time giving you the Armour upgrade. Keep going left to find Security Machine 1. Smash it and the first of three Harvester Bots will descend upon you.

Mid-Boss: Harvester 1

The first Harvest BIOT

These things are pains. You can only damage the top of the head between the legs, and touching them drains your health like no one's business. You can use your Armour to minimise this, but it does suck your ammo.

Try and keep to the ceiling and shoot down to hit the bot as it goes under you. Use your Health and Ammo Kits liberally and don't stress too much if you lose a life. Keep shooting and part of its head will blow off. This means it's close to defeat. Just keep blasting away and eventually the thing will explode.


With the bot destroyed the shutter to the left will open revealing a Health Kit. Grab it and head upwards.

Once more go down the marble stairs, again breaking the wall of the last stair. You'll now find not only Security Machine 5, but also the Fire Retardant Pellets and a Health Kit. While the pellets might seem kind of useless, you can sometimes find good items from putting out the little fires you find around the level, so it's worth trying out.

Head back up the stairs, use the girder to get to the rocky platform and follow it downward (the platform above you, where one of the ladders is found, has a Full Health Skull inside the breakable wall of you need it).

Keep going and you'll find Security Machine 2. Destroy it to face the next Harvester.

Mid-Boss: Harvester 2

This is the same as the previous Harvester, it just moves faster. Use the same method as before.

Defeat the Harvester and a section of the floor will explode, offering up another Health Kit.

The shutter between this section of the Ghost Jungle and the second is now open, but before using it continue to drop down until you reach a cracked wall on your left. Smash through this and the next wall to find an Energy Extension. Head back to the right and through Security Shutter 2's opening to the second half of the Ghost Jungle.

Ghost Jungle 2

Go right, onto the marble floor, up the wall and when you reach the smaller rocky platform drop off it's left hand side. Keep moving down and eventually you'll come to the third and final Harvester bot.

Mid-Boss: Harvester 3

Again, this one follows the same patterns as the others but is faster. There is an Ammo Kit to the right of this room, along with Security Machine 3.

Once more the floor blows so drop down, head back to the first part of the Ghost Jungle, to the lower Lair (where Guran and Archer are) then right through to the lower portion of Ghost Jungle 2.

When you emerge, use the girders to move over the gap with thorns, just like last time (in the right most corner of the pit is a 1-Up). When you get to the girder that extends from the wall to where Security Shutter 1 is, down-jump through it. You'll find three Large Skulls here.

Head right and use the girders to climb up and destroy Security Machine 1. A Health Kit will be revealed, so grab it and continue upwards. (Just to the left of the girders with grass growing on them you'll see two walls with a small gap between them. At the top of this gap is a 1-Up).

Continue up the wall on the right, past the marble floor atop the tree and you'll come to the ladder we went up before. Jump to the left and Rope onto the wall there, which is damaged. Smash it to find two Health Kits and an Ammo Kit. Suspended under this rocky floor is a Full Skull, should you need it.

Go back to the marble floor atop the tree and drop down to the left. Down-jump or drop again to the next girder and then jump left and Rope onto another damaged wall. Break it to find yet another Weapons Cache, this time with the Super Explosive.

Drop down to find an Exploding Box on a marble floor, with another marble floor just beyond that with a breakable wall on the right. There isn't much through it through apart from a Full Ammo Pack.

Drop off the marble floor to the left for another fight against Tracker.

Mid-Boss: Tracker

Your second confrontation with Tracker

This is basically an easier version of the previous fight, just without the gun ship and Mercenaries. Use the exact same technique to make quick work of him.

With Tracker defeated head downward. You'll find an Ammo Kit and then the final boss fight of the Chapter, Max Jr's virtual reality controlled BIOT.

Boss: Legion BIOT

Maxwell Jr. pilots the Legion BIOT via VR

This fight can appear frustrating at first, but it's really not that hard once you know how. Head on over to the left of the area and suspend yourself from the wall. You need to take out the BIOTs' knee and shoulder joints, and then its head.

Line yourself up with the knee joints, equip the Spread weapon and fire away. While you'll mostly hit the knees, a few shots should hit the shoulders as well as take out some of those pesky drones. Ones the knees are gone, readjust to fire at the shoulders. Switch to the Breakers here.

Skull.pngDon't hold the fire button down while using the Spread as this will cause it to act like a faster but less powerful version of the regular Blaster. Instead, tap the fire button rapidly.

The BIOT will fire large blast at you at regular intervals. These cause a lot of damage but are easy to dodge.

With its legs gone, The BIOT's head will fly out of the screen. When it returns it'll stop momentarily to open up and fire its cannon. This is the only time it's vulnerable, so get as many hits in as you can.

If you've picked up both Weapon Upgrades it should only take two passes to destroy the Legion head, at which point the game moves to a cut scene. You also gain the Homing Missiles and Wave Attack weapons from defeating the Legion BIOT.

Skull.pngOn to Chapter 4.

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