With the first draft of The History of SEGA done, I’ve been thinking about ways I can continue to put my writing out there. While I had been posting on Medium, I stopped doing so a while ago as I simply did not like the click bait-y culture there. Recently, I’ve discovered Substack, and so far it seems like a much better fit, so I’ve decided to give it a go.

I’ve set up my own publication there, Making It Up, Wandering Along, in which I plan to chronicle the trials and tribulations of attempting to make something of a writing career out of the momentum built up by the SEGA book. I’ll plan to post fiction there at some point, and maybe previews of any other writing projects I’m working on. I’ll also be moving my stuff over from Medium. That will be down the line, though, as I’m still very much figuring it out.

The Substack has a free subscription option so that you can be notified by email each time I post something. I’ll also include links to the four most recent posts in this site’s sidebar (see to the right).

I hope you take a moment to pop over and have a look and, if you like what you see, consider subscribing.


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History of SEGA

Taking a detailed look at the history of one of the most influential video game companies of all time!