The Phantom is (Finally) Getting a Video Game in 2024!

It was revealed recently by that The Phantom will be getting a new video game in 2024! The last Phantom game was released in 1995 and based on the Phantom 2040 animated series. To say that Phans have been wanting a new game for a while is an understatement!

The game is being developed by Aussie team Art of Play and will be released on all major platforms. The ChronicleChamber team have conducted an interview with Art of Play director Ash Nicholls and it is well worth a listen. You can hear the passion Ash has for the character in every word he says, and his plans for the game sound wonderful. Check it out below.

While I highly recommend listening to the entirety of the podcast, the main points of interest are as follows;

  • The Art of Play team want this to be perfect. 
  • Ash is clearly very passionate about the character.
  • There will be a good deal of fan service, but of a more subtle kind than seen in other media.
  • Gameplay will, at its most basic, be a side-scrolling brawler.
  • Graphics will be 2D hand drawn and animated. Think Streets of Rage 4.
  • Game will be set in the 1930s.
  • Both The Phantom and Diana will be playable, with Devil assisting them.
  • At least one level will see you riding Hero.
  • There will be 5 chapters of three levels each, for a total of 15 levels.
  • The Singh Brotherhood will be the main villains, but there may be others.
  • While players CAN kill, it will be dissuaded in-game. You will get different endings depending on your actions, including how violent you are.
  • The game will span the world. Only Australia was confirmed, but Ash said “countries where The Phantom is most popular” will be at least some of the locations.
  • The legacy aspect of the character will be important to the story.
  • Cut scenes will be like an “animated comic”.
  • While it won’t be exactly the same, Ash mentions the game will feature some similarities to the game XIII with comic panels popping up on the screen during certain events.
  • Other, “bigger” companies had pitched Phantom games to King Features, but they didn’t have “anything behind them.”
  • Before release, concept art and so on will be shared.
  • There will be a collectors’ edition of the game released via Limited Run Games. There will be a Kickstarter for this.
  • 20, 000 digital copies need to be sold for Art of Play to make their money back (so buy a copy for every system you own!)
  • Digital copy will be roughly $40AU.
  • Will probably be an Android and iOS version at some point. It will be a slightly cut down version of the console version.
  • There will be voice over work in the game. Ash is putting a pitch together to try and get Billy Zane to at least do the “For those who came in late” intro, but hopefully to voice of the Phantom.
  • There may be DLC. One idea is to be able to choose the colour of the Phantom’s costume so you can match it to your country.
  • At the moment the game is only going to be released in English.
  • India will be getting a physical release, as will Australia, Europe and America.
  • Character sheet of The Phantom will be released in a fortnight
  • End of the month we’ll see the first gameplay tease.
  • Every month something new will be revealed.
  • Ash wants all the fans to know he and the team are VERY serious about The Phantom and making the game as great as possible.

To say I’m looking forward to this game is probably an understatement, but I’m trying to keep my expectations in check. While Art of Play is obviously a passionate and talented studio, this is their first console game. Also, given The Phantom’s relative obscurity in the US and UK I do worry how successful the game will be in those countries. However, he is very popular in Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia and India, so hopefully the sales in those countries will add up to to magic 20K. With any luck, it might make it to Game Pass and do well there.

At any rate, it’s going to be incredibly exciting and interesting to follow the development of the game.


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