Happy Pride Month!

Happy Pride month, everyone! Having plenty of friends and family who identify as LGBTQ+ I’ve always been a supporter of the movement and think it’s great when various media gets involved.

Case in point, the cover image for this post. It’s actually a cropped version of the cover for Fantomen 9/2018, Sweden’s The Phantom comic series, published in April, 2018.

It features a story entitled The Golden Egal in which The Phantom happens across a group of bigots terrorising a Pride parade. He decks one of said bigots while carrying the Pride flag. The cover for the issue won the Best Cover award as voted on by fans.

A year later in 2020, the story was re-printed in Australia by Frew Publications in The Phantom 1861. Frew commissioned their own cover for the issue, retaining the celebration of the LGBTQ+ community.

The Phantom has always been a character who has fought for the rights of people of any creed or culture to be able to live as they wish, albeit as long as it does not affect the freedoms of any other individual. The fight against bigotry toward the LGBTQ+ community – or any other for that matter – is one he’d be battling with the strength of ten tigers!