Phantom 2040 Archive Moved to MediaWiki

One of my passion projects, the Phantom 2040 Archive which, as the name probably gave away, aims to archive all aspects of the brilliant Phantom 2040 animated series, has been moved to a new home – MediaWiki.

Unfortunately, the service I had been using to host the Archive, which was based upon Notion was proving to be somewhat unreliable. Obviously, I didn’t want to lose all that work, but I felt it important for the interconnectedness and ease of use to remain. Thus, I rebuilt the whole site via MediaWiki, and is now hosted on the same server as this site. Honestly, I should have done that from the first.

All the info that was on the previous version of the site has been moved over, and in many places it has been improved. This can most readily be noticed in the video game walkthrough as images now appear a lot cleaner and more in context with the text of the walkthrough.

All information for separate parts of the franchise, such as the series, now appear on the one page rather than several. Resources have also been made easier to access.

There are still a few things missing, such as sprites for the enemies and I know there is a lot more merch to be added, although that page has been greatly improved.

I hope you enjoy the new version of the site. If you find any issues, or would just like to send some thoughts or comments about the Archive, please feel free to contact me via Mastodon, Instagram or via email.


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