G’day. I’m Joe. Thanks for stopping by my portfolio.

I’m an Aussie writer and artist who has been living in the UK since 2016.

My work has appeared on several websites, and I am currently working on my first book, a history of video game company SEGA.

Outside of this, I have worked on several on-line projects, such as originating ChronicleChamber.com, the longest running and most prominent fan site dedicated to the classic comics hero The Phantom. I also created and maintain the Phantom 2040 Archive and am a regular contributor on the PhantomWiki.

I’m a huge geek and collector with a strong love for comics, SEGA and their mascot Sonic the Hedgehog, as well as the fantasy writings of Tolkien, Neil Gaiman, Branden Sanderson and sci-fi such as Ghostbusters, Doctor Who, The Matrix and Back To the Future.


  • Progress Update – 50,000 Words!

    Progress Update – 50,000 Words!

    And to think when I started I was worried I wouldn’t even be able to get close to 60,000! TTFN


  • New Artwork – Deus Ex

    New Artwork – Deus Ex

    I have completed and added to the gallery a new artwork based upon the seminal vidoe game Deus Ex. Deus Ex was the first game I truly became obsessed with and remains my favorite to this day. Many have tried, but none have succeeded in besting it, including it’s own sequles. The arwork is a…


  • Hitting the Half Way Point!

    Hitting the Half Way Point!

    Last night I cracked the halfway point of my History of SEGA book (30,000 words). I’ve still so much to cover; 60,000 might not be enough! It’s been such a wonderful experience thus far. I’ve learnt so much I never knew about the company. Can’t wait to dive into the Saturn era, the time of…


  • Follow on Social Media

    Follow on Social Media

    With the SEGA book going along nicely, I decided to set up some social media profiles to make it a little easier for those interests to follow along with how its coming. While we can all agree that social media is a necessary evil in today’s world, I’ve tried to keep they evil to a…


  • A Big Announcement

    A Big Announcement

    I’ve been holding onto this for a while as I didn’t want to jinx it. Now having been working on it for four months-ish with the contracts signed I feel it’s safe (touch wood). I’ve been commissioned by a White Owl Books here in the UK to write a book on the history of SEGA!…


History of SEGA

Taking a detailed look at the history of one of the most influential video game companies of all time!